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How to Write Effortless Quality Procedures & SOPs for ISO

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Course Content

CHECK OUT the course OVERVIEW after this section - where all the course content is available, so you can check if it is the right course for you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to write procedures & SOPs? Does a procedure is just a list of instructions? If so, why so many procedures are useless? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imagine you could write professional and usable procedures that people will actually use! This course containing real-life examples and exercises for how to implement and get results immediately! After the course, you’ll be able to write professional procedures that will prevent repetitive mistakes in the work, and organize the mess. How would that affect your company and your career? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zero risk – you have 30 days money back guarantee. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Core Offer: 7 Week Real Life Procedure Writing Course Short and intense course with real life examples and exercises. _________________________________________________________________ Week 1: Procedure Basics – Understand procedures & SOPs Week 2: Writing Rules - And how to break them Week 3: Procedures Formats - Stand out from as a pro Week 4: Procedures Simplified - Write a 1-page procedure & convert a procedure to a form Week 5: Procedures Implementation - Handle resistances and succeed Week 6: Managing Procedures - Organize and cut back on documentation Week 7: Procedures as Tools of Change - Plus resolving conflicts and gain customer trust Bonuses: Bonus #1: Two online meetings to personalize your plan. Bonus #2: Rules of writing a procedure cheat sheet to shorten your learning. Bonus #3: Access to the course content for an entire year, from anywhere to learn on your own time.

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